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Blackout Shades

We currently recommend as the best vendor online for blackout shades.  They offer many styles and options to suit your needs.  Their already great prices are made better by this 30% discount offer for readers.  Simply follow this link to get your discount.  On their site, navigate to Shop Shades -> Honeycomb/Cellular and then select the Light Control tab that appears for all of their blackout options.


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Routless / No-Holes Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

Just as with our blackout shade recommendation, we refer our readers to as their online source for routless wood and faux wood blinds.  They also maintain their additional 30% discount on these products for readers.  Simply follow this link to get your discount.  On their site, navigate to Shop Blinds, then select Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds.  Finally scroll down to the bottom of the options listed for the blinds that have the word “Privacy” in their title.


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